Line 60

Line 60

Line 60


The VAZEL Line “60” mechanical seal is mainly used for high temperature fluids, such as thermal oil, and in general in any industry that handles these type of processes.


Rotary Face: Graphite Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

Bellow: Exfoliated graphite (Grafoil)

Metallic Parts: Stainless Steel 316, Hastelloy “C”.

Seat: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.


Velocity: Max 3,600 R.P.M. (Depends on the diameter of the shaft).

Pressure: 300 PSI (21.1Kg/cm2) (It depends on the combination of the material of the faces).

Temperature limits: -73 °C a 426 °C (Depends on the material of the elastomer)

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