Line 70 y 76

70 y 76

Line 70 y 76


The VAZEL Line “70” mechanical seal is made entirely of Hastelloy “C”; it is recommended for equipments that handle high corrosive fluids. Internal assembly.


The VAZEL Line “76” mechanical seal, with steel AM-350 bellows and stainless 316 ends, is recommended for fluids in general; except fluids that corrode stainless steel.


Rotary Face: Graphite Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide.

Bellow Line 70: FKM (Viton®), Kalrez /Perlast (FFKM) y Creavey (PTFE/FKM).

Bellow Line 76: NBR (Nitrile), FKM (Viton®), E.P.R (EPDM), Kalrez /Perlast (FFKM), Aflas (TFE/P) y Creavey (PTFE/FKM).

Metallic Parts Line 70: Hastelloy “C”

Metallic Parts Line 76: Stainless Steel 316.

Seats: Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.


Velocity: Max 3,600 R.P.M. (Depends on the diameter of the shaft).

Pressure: 300 PSI (21.1Kg/cm2) (It depends on the combination of the material of the faces).

Temperature limits: -57 °C a 316 °C (Depends on the material of the elastomer).

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