Line PW

Line PW

Line PW


The VAZEL Line “PW” mechanical seal is used in pumps and sanitary equipment (for food and pharmaceutical products); complying with FDA regulations and requirements.


Rotary Face: Graphite Carbide FDA, Silicon Carbide.

Bellow: NBR (Nitrilo FDA), FKM (Viton® FDA) y Silicon (VMQ)

Metallic Parts: Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316.


Velocity: Max 3,600 R.P.M. (Depends on the diameter of the shaft).

Pressure: 145 PSI (10.2Kg/cm2) (It depends on the combination of the material of the faces).

Temperature limits: -51 °C a 219 °C (Depends on the material of the elastomer)

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