Asiento Tipo 19 y 19L 2018-09-14T11:06:27-06:00

Seat Type 19 y 19L


Seat for “clamped” mechanical seal that gives you the advantage of using TFE flat joints and make it compatible with almost any fluid. Used mainly in the chemical industry.

Bellow: Teflon temperature range of -301°F to 450°F (-185°C to 232°C). Asbestos Free up to 689°F (370°C). (Not used in cryogenic applications).

Seat: Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten carbide, Ni-Resist, 316 Stainless Steel.

Temperature Limits: -59 °C to 370 °C, (Depends on the material of the elastomer.)

Pressure : 750 PSI (52.7Kg/cm²)

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